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Nova I
Elias glances up again at the middle aged man walking a hundred yards in front of him on the forest path. It's been hours since he's seen another traveler on this road. He is slowly catching up to the older man. The strap of his messenger bag digs into his shoulder and he adjusts it. He rolls his shoulder to try to relieve some of the soreness. Still another eight miles until he reaches Flintwood. Elias is a week early and hopes his uncle Colton and aunt Millie won't be too unprepared for his early arrival. Elias managed to finish his training a week ahead of schedule. His training officer called Elias his most promising student and that he is ready to train officially for the royal guard. Flintwood is only a mile outside the castle walls where his training will take place. His mother's brother and his wife just so happen to live in Flintwood and have a spare room available.
A loud rustling ahead makes Elias stop short. Trees bend and branches snap like twigs. Something large moves, bu
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Redemption Through His Blood by JaneAlene Redemption Through His Blood :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 1 0
Happily Wrong (gt short)
I look around at the other women in their own glass boxes. Sad, naked, scared. Like me. But I realize, I am unique looking with my fiery red hair, pale, almost translucent skin, and blue eyes. Is it a good thing in this situation or bad to look so unique. Four days I have been in this display, sitting in this glass box, watching massive, giant's faces staring down at me only to have their eyes pass over to another girl. I haven't decided if I want to be bought or not. Is getting out of this box worth being owned, prodded, and played with by a giant? Out there, I will be hung from a necklace or other sort of jewelry, naked in the cold. So maybe this small, glass box isn't so bad.
A shadow looms over me. I look up to see a giant woman's face. Her grey-green eyes stare down at me. Whisps of her blonde hair hang down toward me as she leans over the display. She crosses her arms on the glass counter top and touches the tip of her finger directly over me.
"I'd like to see her, please." Her g
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Fall Leaves by JaneAlene Fall Leaves :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 0 0 Snail Girl by JaneAlene Snail Girl :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 4 2
An End Without Hope
It happened. My people's worst nightmare: our village has been ransacked and all our people captured. That is bad enough. It's the who that has all my people shaking and sobbing together in this giant's bag. The Graidarians. A blood-thirsty kingdom of giants. All with the taste for human blood. Human flesh is a delicacy in Graidaria. The most terrifying part is that they enjoy to eat humans alive and swallow them whole. Which if you can imagine, means you die an agonizing and slow death being burned in stomach acids and digested. We all know our fate. There isn't one hopeful or brave face in this dimly lit bag. A few look like they are in shock.
They won't last long.
I close my eyes, not wanting to see anymore of those scared, hopeless eyes. Usually, I can find some way to be positive. Some light in the darkness. From all I've heard of Graidarian giants, there is nothing to hope for. If only we had been taken by the Setchrate giants. They atleast treat their humans as pets. They find e
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Portrait of Susan Fleming Marx by JaneAlene Portrait of Susan Fleming Marx :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 0 0
The Humanitarian pt. 1
The box is set down. James braces himself and waits. Then the sound he was waiting for echoes in the box. The sound of the side of the box he is facing being opened. His heart races and he prepares himself to see what future awaits him on the outside of this box. Though, when the flap opens, and he finally sees what's outside, he's surprised to see just that- the outside. More specifically, a stone pathway ending in a garden wall. Studying it closer, he notices a human sized doorway in the wall. This doesn't make sense. What kind of giant's trick is this?
"I am giving you a choice." The giant's sudden voice makes James jump. His nerves are as tight as drum.
"You have two choices." She continues. Ugh, giants and their mind games. "You can leave and live on your own and be completely free, or you can live with me and live a grand and comfortable life." James doesn't believe for one second that she is actually letting him go. He steps off of the cardboard and onto the stepping stone. The
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Spring by JaneAlene Spring :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 0
Bringing home Logan ch. 1
Headlights blind me until they briefly light up the inside of my car and zoom past me. I open my eyes wide so I stay awake. Logan must have fallen asleep. I haven't felt him move in my pocket for the last few minutes. I don't blame him, I could fall asleep too. I focus on my excitement of coming home to keep me awake. Wales was gorgeous, but man do I miss Jake. It took flying halfway around the world to make me realize that I never want to be away from him ever again.
I hope he didn't get into any trouble while I was gone. I've never left him in charge of the house before. The other borrowers probably didn't notice my absence too much. They probably enjoyed it, actually. They usually go to Jake if they need anything anyway. Only a few are brave and trusting enough to approach me. But I don't blame the others, most of them came to our place because they were discovered or the house they were living in was being fumigated. Those refugees are grateful for the safe place to live, but hate
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New Muse
"Saved the best for last!" Eida says excitedly as she pushes a wrapped present towards me across the coffee table. I notice slits cut sloppily in the sides.
"Were you mugged?" I mutter. Eida cocks her head and frowns at me.
"Just open it." She says annoyed. I tear off the paper and the first glance at the familiar box sends a shiver down my spine and flames burn my face. I stop once the box is unwrapped. The hated "CompanionCo" label printed on the sides and glaring unapologetically at me on the lid.
"Eida," I say carefully, "What did you do?"
"Not just me!" She ignores my deadly serious tone, "We all chipped in."
"It was Eida's idea!" Amber points defensively at Eida from across the room. Eida looks back at her appalled.
She scoffs. "Just open it, Senna! See him first before you return him."
"You know how I feel about keeping humans as pets, Eida!"
"He doesn't have to be a pet! He could be a friend to keep you company."
"Now you're just quoting the commercials." I say.
To my surprise,
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Salvador's World
The first thing I notice is my head. A throbbing, dry sponge is trying to bust out of my skull. I lift it. Big mistake. Cradling my head in my hands I scream in my mind until the pain subsides.
Dry and hot. My senses pull at me to realize that it is much too dry and hot for where I am... Or should be. I picture the forest. The tall pine trees. Branches dripping with moss and lichen.
I try to open my eyes.
The white light stings and burns, making my head crack in pain.
Too bright! Too hot! Too dry!
I cover my eyes with my hands. I smell dust and sweat and spice as I try to squint into the shade. A desert stretches before me, barren and dry. A thousand questions flood my head all begging for an answer. Until there's only one- Where? Where? Where? My breathing matches the rhythm of the question in my head as I start to hyperventilate. I hug my knees to my chest and look around me. A four foot stone wall is behind me. I follow the wall woth my eyes and see it is attached to a small buildin
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This New Life (part 2)
May I help you?" The butler says, looking down his nose at me.
I gather myself and force my voice to be steady.
"My name is Wren Stockard. Madame Haliwayt is my Aunt."
The butler steps aside and bows. I take that to mean I'm supposed to come inside. I step in and force my jaw not to fall. If I thought the outside was ornate, it's nothing compared to the inside. Details everywhere! Wallpaper, mosaic tiles, crown molding, paintings in detailed carved frames, and flowers! Flowers everywhere. Not one square inch of the foyer is left unembelished.
The massive door shuts behind me, pulling my attention back to the butler.
"Right this way." He says and leads me into a too pink sitting room. He gestures for me to sit. I obey and sit on a pink quilted couch. I don't believe the person who made this couch has ever actually sat on a couch before. Like he didn't think it had a purpose beyond being a focal point in decorating a room. Unfortunately, my feet protest the idea of standing and waiting.
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This New Life
Taking a deep breath, I step off the train onto Welkhen station. Everything I own in the world is in a worn leather suitcase. I clutch the handle tightly with both hands. My fear telling me someone could snatch it away at any moment.
But now I have a more pressing worry- can I find Haliwayt Manor? I only have directions scrawled on a scrap of paper. Everytime I mention to my mother anything about her sister Mariset, she starts mumbling angry, incoherent rants about her. So these scrawled, scribbled directions were the clearest I could get from her. Then, of course, she immediately stomped off to her garden. My mother gardens to release steam. I secretly call her garden "The Aunt Mariset Memorial Garden". The garden is impeccable. Weeds don't stand a chance against my mother. She goes at them as if their stems are my aunt Mariset's neck.
Hopefully the directions are correct.
I cringe remembering my mother's face when I told her I would be staying with her sister. Like I had slapped her.
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untitled  by JaneAlene untitled :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 0 untitled by JaneAlene untitled :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 0


A Dark and Stormy Night
Sylvia swallowed a whimper as yet another a booming crash rattled the walls of the room. Curling tighter, she buried her head into the massive pillow serving as her bed. Covering her ears was not enough to ward off the roar of the storm.
By the stars, how can they sleep through this?
Peeking out enviously from the indent her body created on the pillow, she eyed Jon's sleeping form--at least, what she could see from so close. His hair obscured half his face. Most of his body disappeared under the expanse of the white sheets, but one arm was visible over top, his hand resting on his chest while it rose and fell in time each peaceful breath.
Some absurd part of her wondered if his hand would be enough to muffle the intrusive thunder. She laid that thought to rest swiftly, guilty at the mere thought of disturbing his rest.
All she could do was stare by the glow of the moving-picture box that the hunters had forgotten to switch off before bed. TV, she remembered it being calle
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Prismatic by joifish Prismatic :iconjoifish:joifish 166 18 Java by joifish Java :iconjoifish:joifish 199 9 The Author by DestinyBlue The Author :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 5,541 213 Refugees in a nutshell by AquaSixio Refugees in a nutshell :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 3,331 99 The Adventures of Business Cat - Congestion by tomfonder The Adventures of Business Cat - Congestion :icontomfonder:tomfonder 291 21
Displaced ch2
I wasn't really sure how long I was unconscious; I drifted in and out of reality but was always aware of a throbbing pain pulsing in my body. Faces leered down at me, grinning grotesquely, and I screamed and tried to bat them away, only to hit empty air. My screams died down to muffled sobs, and I felt something warm and reassuring clasp over my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. Everything went dark once again.
Was I hungover? Was that why my head throbbed? My mouth and throat were dry and scratchy and everything on me hurt like hell. I groaned, and then immediately sat up, instantly remembering yesterday's events.
The first thing I saw was a massive mop of golden hair resting by my side. I froze, scared to wake him with any more movement, and then noticed that my minuscule hand was encompassed by his much larger one, firmly held in between a couple fingers and thumb. His head was resting in his folded large, muscular arms, the fingers of his other hand just lightly touching my injured
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Mature content
Displaced ch1 :iconcnart12:cnart12 20 3
Harbour by Klaufir Harbour :iconklaufir:Klaufir 3,238 122 Mini Faerie Mermaids by sakimichan Mini Faerie Mermaids :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,552 529 Happy Happy by KannyMOs Happy Happy :iconkannymos:KannyMOs 31 1 Tomorrow Is a Better Day by NanoMortis Tomorrow Is a Better Day :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 2,793 72 rooms by LichtReize rooms :iconlichtreize:LichtReize 121 1 Up All Night by NanoMortis Up All Night :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 8,090 254
Valour and Blood || 1.17
When she woke, the darkness in the room was impenetrable. She couldn’t remember having a nightmare, but when she reached up a hand to wipe her eyes, she felt a layer of cold sweat on her forehead, and tear tracks on her cheeks. Though she settled back down in anticipation of further sleep, she found that she was perfectly wide awake now, adrenalin buzzing in her system. The giants had been kind to her. And yet she still had the creeping paranoia that they might have simply been trying to lull her into a false sense of security. She suddenly felt vulnerable lying there on the floor.
A dull tremor proved her suspicion correct. Someone was coming! It took a few moments of laboured breathing inside the rag before she realized the person was already in the room with her. The blackness of the room gave way to a faint flickering of candlelight, somewhere over her head. The faint illumination cast an outline over a positively titanic silhouette, a giant hunched over the larger of the tab
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 12 2
Galaxy Gazer by allisonchinart Galaxy Gazer :iconallisonchinart:allisonchinart 208 27



41 deviations
Elias glances up again at the middle aged man walking a hundred yards in front of him on the forest path. It's been hours since he's seen another traveler on this road. He is slowly catching up to the older man. The strap of his messenger bag digs into his shoulder and he adjusts it. He rolls his shoulder to try to relieve some of the soreness. Still another eight miles until he reaches Flintwood. Elias is a week early and hopes his uncle Colton and aunt Millie won't be too unprepared for his early arrival. Elias managed to finish his training a week ahead of schedule. His training officer called Elias his most promising student and that he is ready to train officially for the royal guard. Flintwood is only a mile outside the castle walls where his training will take place. His mother's brother and his wife just so happen to live in Flintwood and have a spare room available.
A loud rustling ahead makes Elias stop short. Trees bend and branches snap like twigs. Something large moves, but he can't make out what it is.
Until a scream makes his blood curdle.
"GIANT!!!" The middle aged man who was ahead of Elias runs straight toward him. He didn't expect a man of his age to be able to run at such a clip. His face is ash white and he runs past Elias, not slowing for a second.
Elias considers following the man, but everything stills. The trees sway, then settle. He looks for a trail, some direction of bending trees where the massive being goes, but there's nothing.
Behind him, the older man is gone, fled from the scene in his panic. Ahead, there's no shadow, no trembling under his feet. No sign of anyone of any stature, let alone a giant.
It isn't courage that tempts Elias to step toward the splintered trees, but curiosity. How could he just take the stranger's word and turn away. He has never seen a giant, but he doubts a sixty foot person could just vanish. He cranes his neck up at a splintered branch leaning against a tree. Maybe he is a fool for wanting to corroborate the man's claim. Anyone else who would hear the word "giant" spoken in such terror would probably have run faster than the older man.
Except, apparently, for her!
In the middle of the clearing of bent trees and broken branches, stands a young woman with jet black wavy hair that cascades down to her lower back. She stares up at the splintered wood above her.
"Did you see anything?"
The woman spins around and expertly pulls out a dagger from her hip. She watches him warily with large, dark eyes. Her skin is as pale as cream and her face is sweet and innocent looking. Despite the dagger, of course.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. I heard the man scream and thought I'd investigate. Did you see it?" Elias steps toward her, his hands raised submissively.
Her eyes flutter and she sheaths her dagger.
"No, I didn't see it."
Elias stops ten feet from her out of respect for her apparent nervousness. "Any notions as to how it disappeared?" He stares up and around the clearing.
The woman shakes her head.
"Where are you headed?"
She looks away off to the side as if she were afraid of him.
"I'm looking for an inn to bed for the night." She mumbles.
"Well, I'm headed to Flintwood, would you like to join me?"
She squints her eyes at him suspiciously.
He raises his hands again. "Just to escort you to town. Nothing else, I swear."
She nods and forces a polite smile.
He steps closer to her and offers his hand. "I'm Elias."
She shakes his hand, still unable to look at him. "Nova."
Elias is about to compliment her unusual name, but his eyes catch something on her wrist. Forgetting propriety, he tightens his grip on her hand and pulls her sleeve up.
A tattoo. The black ink depicts three triangles overlayed and off center. He meets her gaze. Her dark eyes widen, realizing her secret is revealed.
Now he knows where the giant went. Only giants have tattoos. It's their unifying mark, their identity scrawled into their skin. No human would dare mark their skin. To show any kind of loyalty to the giant race would be swift suicide.
The woman's eyes flicker and she looks down. His grasp had loosened from the shock and she easily pulls her hand away.
"H-how?" He whispers.
Nova glances up at him through her dark lashes. She hates the way humans look at her like she's a monster, lumped together with other giants. Now she is a monster to poor young man. She steps away from him, closes her eyes, and sighs deeply. Wind rushes down on her as she shoots up. All she has to do is relax to return to her normal size.
Elias falls back as the woman swiftly grows and expands before his eyes. He cranes his head up and his mouth falls open. That's only sixty feet?! It seems like she goes on forever. Her gaze falls to him and he is reminded of his sudden danger. He scrambles back and stumbles to his feet. He is determined to out race the older man.
Nova watches him, pain piercing her heart. Now she is the monster. She kneels down and extends her arm toward him, reaching him easily. Her fingers stop him in his tracks and she pulls him into a loose fist. He fights and pounds her hand with his fist, but she lifts him up and turns him so she can see his face. The strands of dirty blonde hair that hang over his brow plaster to his sweat-dampened skin.
"I'm sorry." She breathes.
Elias frowns when he realizes that she really is sorry. Her eyes fill with tears and she looks down.
"Then let me go!" He yells.
"I wish I could but-" She wills herself to look at him, "I can't let word spread about me. Humans can't know what I can do."
He looks at her sincerely, "I won't tell anyone, Nova, I swear."
Her eyes flash with distrust and anger. "Of course you would! I would condemn you for not warning your people about someone like me. A giant that can disguise themselves as a human. You would tell them because it is the right thing to do."
He can't argue with that. Especially if he became a royal guard. It would be his duty. Treachery to keep that kind of information secret.
She stands to her full height, making Elias gasp and his ears pop. The tops of trees surround him. He can see the mountains of the Frout range far off. His hands cling to her finger instinctively until his knuckles turn white.
"I promise you this-" She pauses.
"Elias." He provides.
"Right," She bites her lip then continues, "I promise, Elias, I won't harm you in any way."
He narrows his eyes at her, reminding himself of the stories he's heard of giants. More than that- the threat he poses to her.
"I must take you with me, however." She says.
"Why not just kill me?" He shrugs. It would be the wise thing for her to do. A prisoner takes constant watching and her secret released the first chance of escape.
"Because I'm not a monster." Her eyes almost plead with him. "I know it appears otherwise right now, but I hope in time you'll see that I am being truthful."
"Alright, giants keeping human pets isn't unheard of. Would you like me to call you Master?"
Nova looks away and swallows the lump in her throat. She hates herself in this moment. She had promised herself that she would never warrant such fear from a human. No matter her reasons, she hates the look of fear that cloud his green eyes. Though he masks it well. She can also feel the death grip he has on her finger. Even his racing heartbeat gives him away. He's terrified of her because she is acting like the monsters told around campfires and warnings given to children. Their warnings are justified, apparently even where she is concerned.
"It's just Nova." She whispers and turns and walks toward the East. She's going home to the rest of the monsters.


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