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Winter Fae by JaneAlene Winter Fae :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 1 0
Security ch.8
The gate squeals open. I cringe at the loud sound announcing my entrance.
Miss Bartlett peeks around the corner of the living room and spots me.
"Embry!" She looks as angry as I expected her to be as she marches down the hall toward me.
I turn and close the gate. Taking a deep breath, I face her.
"What were you thinking going out there alone?!" She puts her balled up fists on her hips and waits for me to respond.
Suddenly I feel like a five year old just caught misbehaving. I remind myself that I am not her daughter and not a child.
"I went to speak to Jude, Miss Bartlett."
Her eyes widen. "You approached a giant?" She sounds like she's in shock, but her voice is dangerously low.
"Yes, I did." 
"Ugh, Logan! That foolish boy convinced you that giant can be trusted."
"I don't trust him, but I have to admit that he is different. I just wanted to hear him out, and I did. I'm not planning on regular visits, Miss Bartlett."
She looks relieved. "Good, but I still don't like the thought o
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 0
Security ch.7
I crawl through the hole in the baseboard in Jude's study. I'm so glad there was a hole so close to Miss Bartlett's. I was worried I'd have to retrace our steps from last night. I see the candlelight glowing through the cracks in her gate and illuminating the dark passage. Then a shadow blocks out the light. I press my back against the wall. Someone opens the gate and steps out. There's a squeal and clang as the dark figure closes it.
Then the light illuminates the figure's blonde hair.
"Logan." I whisper.
He turns quickly and scans the darkness. "Yeah?" He says, unsure.
"It's Embry." I step closer to him.
"Embry! Where have you been? Miss Bartlett is worried sick!"
"I've only been gone five minutes!" 
"I went to talk to Jude."
His face brightens. "Really?! That's great! So is everything-?"
"Everything's fine." I assure him.
"Ugh! I'm so glad. Hey, now we can all hang out together."
Logan always seems to move faster than he thinks. "No, Logan. He apologized and exp
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 2
Security ch.6
Footsteps stop outside my door.
"Embry? Can I come in?" Miss Bartlett asks.
"Yeah." I sit up. I've been lying here for the last hour, thinking over my argument with Logan. I've come no closer to understanding what he said than when I came in here.
Miss Bartlett enters and sits on the foot of the bed.
"You doin' better?" She asks, concerned.
"Yeah. I'm just sorry we fought. I only know two people here." I play with the bedspread, unable to make eye contact.
"Do you mind if I ask what you fought about?"
I sigh. "He wants me to talk to Jude."
"What?! That foolish boy." She shakes her head in disappointment. "Why would he want you to do that?"
"Jude asked him to so that he could apologize to me."
"Apologize for what?"
I know I don't owe Jude anything, but I did promise Logan I wouldn't say anything.
"Oh, for scaring me." It's not a lie, really. Just a major understatement.
"Well, of course you were scared!" She pats my knee. "You don't need to go see that giant. And as for Logan, he
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 0
Security ch.5
I stand at the window and watch the birds in the garden as I drink my coffee. I tried reading the paper, but the words turned into hieroglyphics again. 
He's probably talking to her now. I hope he is, if he didn't put it off. My heart skips a beat when I think that any second he could come in with her. But then I would have to explain and apologize. I hope she comes with him, but I'm dreading it at the same time. I take another drink.
I cough, coffee going down the wrong pipe. I set the cup on the windowsill and it clatters noisily.
"You're jumpy." Logan walks across the dining room floor towards me. I kneel down so I'm not towering over him.
He's alone. I sigh and rub my eyes with my thumb and fingers.
"Yeah, sorry. She's still pretty mad. And scared. I tried to tell her that you just wanted to explain and apologize, but we fought and Miss Bartlett kicked me out." His voice trails off.
I stare down at the floor. What now? Just accept that she hates me? I don't k
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 2
Security ch.4
The bath made me feel human again. Now I lie on the bed miss Bartlett is letting me use. Safe, comfortable, and warm. A thousand times more safe than I felt in Jude's pocket. The voice above me has stopped. 'Just that giant', miss Bartlett assured me when I asked who it was. I should've recognized his voice. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but it sounded like he was talking to someone. I only heard one voice, though.
I lie staring up at the ceiling, the floorboards, listening. I hear someone clearing their throat. I match it to Jude's deep, resonate voice, recognizing it this time. Floorboards creak and squeal as he walks across the room. There's a ting of a light switch and a few more creaking footsteps. They fade away and leave me in silence. 
I curl on my side and drift to sleep.
A knock on the playing card door wakes me up.
"Embry dear? Logan's here to see you."
I groan. I could've used another two hours of sleep. "Okay, I'll be out in a minute."
I hear two sets
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 3 0
Security ch.3
I've read the same words twenty times. I can't pull my thoughts away from the beautiful human girl. Embry. I give up and fold the letter. Leaning my elbows on the desk, I wonder how she's doing, where she is, and if I'll ever see her again. Why would I after what I did to her? I rub my eyes with the heels of my hands. 
"YOU PUT HER IN YOUR MOUTH?!!!" I jump and see Logan on my desk, his face red in rage. "What were you thinking?!! I don't blame her for being terrified of you! Why, Jude?! Why would you do that to her?!!"
I look away, ashamed. "It was the only thing I could think to do."
"What, because you were hungry?! Is it just giant instinct that took over?!"
"No, Logan!" 
His eyes darken and he waits for me to explain. 
I lean my elbows back on the desk and cover my face with my hands. "She was served to me as a special 'treat'." The word feels like poison on my tongue. "The others would've seen it as a waste if I hadn't-... If they didn't believe that I... ate h
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 3 0
Security ch.2
"Wake up, little one."
A low, calming voice penetrates my deep sleep. I groan and rub my eyes. Definitely swallowed some of the port. My head feels like concrete. Something nudges my side and strokes my arm. 
"Who are you talking to?" A second, smaller voice asks. I hardly pay attention, still half asleep.
"A human girl. I brought her home from the party. Can you ask Miss Bartlett if I could borrow a dress?"
"I don't think she'll have one your size." The small voice jokes.
"For the girl, Logan. Please hurry." The deep voice sounds irritated.
"Alright, I'll be back soon." 
A second later, something brushes against my arm.
I realize all at once who the deep voice belongs to. I remember his grey eyes, dark hair, sharp features, and worst of all, his mouth. 
My eyes open and I see the same face peering down at me through the pocket's opening. I scream and cover my head with my arm.
"I'm sorry. I couldn't think of a way to wake you without scaring you." The deep voice says. S
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 3 0
Security ch.1
I am only one of hundreds, sitting in their giant glass, waiting to die. Naked and terrified. Each port glass holds one human. The glasses are lined perfectly on the giant marble island in the giant's kitchen. Doomed human women surround me on all sides. I can see rows of them in all four directions. The young blonde on my right cries and rocks back and forth. She's lost her nerve in her terror. It takes every ounce of will to hold on to my own nerve in this situation. I pity her, I don't blame her. 
I rest my head back against the glass. My back curves with the shape of the bottom of the glass. 
The kitchen door swings open and raucous laughter flows in behind the footman that enters. Most of us, the ones who aren't in shock, watch him warily, waiting for the moment when we'll be served. The footman fills champagne flutes with the amber bubbling liquid, then sets them on a tray, and carries it out to the guests.
Good, get them drunk. That will make them more merciful. The di
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 6 2
Sweet Creature by JaneAlene Sweet Creature :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 0
Nova I
Elias glances up again at the middle aged man walking a hundred yards in front of him on the forest path. It's been hours since he's seen another traveler on this road. He is slowly catching up to the older man. The strap of his messenger bag digs into his shoulder and he adjusts it. He rolls his shoulder to try to relieve some of the soreness. Still another eight miles until he reaches Flintwood. Elias is a week early and hopes his uncle Colton and aunt Millie won't be too unprepared for his early arrival. Elias managed to finish his training a week ahead of schedule. His training officer called Elias his most promising student and that he is ready to train officially for the royal guard. Flintwood is only a mile outside the castle walls where his training will take place. His mother's brother and his wife just so happen to live in Flintwood and have a spare room available.
A loud rustling ahead makes Elias stop short. Trees bend and branches snap like twigs. Something large moves, bu
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 0 0
Happily Wrong (gt short)
I look around at the other women in their own glass boxes. Sad, naked, scared. Like me. But I realize, I am unique looking with my fiery red hair, pale, almost translucent skin, and blue eyes. Is it a good thing in this situation or bad to look so unique. Four days I have been in this display, sitting in this glass box, watching massive, giant's faces staring down at me only to have their eyes pass over to another girl. I haven't decided if I want to be bought or not. Is getting out of this box worth being owned, prodded, and played with by a giant? Out there, I will be hung from a necklace or other sort of jewelry, naked in the cold. So maybe this small, glass box isn't so bad.
A shadow looms over me. I look up to see a giant woman's face. Her grey-green eyes stare down at me. Whisps of her blonde hair hang down toward me as she leans over the display. She crosses her arms on the glass counter top and touches the tip of her finger directly over me.
"I'd like to see her, please." Her g
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 2 2
Snail Girl by JaneAlene Snail Girl :iconjanealene:JaneAlene 4 2
The Humanitarian pt. 1
The box is set down. James braces himself and waits. Then the sound he was waiting for echoes in the box. The sound of the side of the box he is facing being opened. His heart races and he prepares himself to see what future awaits him on the outside of this box. Though, when the flap opens, and he finally sees what's outside, he's surprised to see just that- the outside. More specifically, a stone pathway ending in a garden wall. Studying it closer, he notices a human sized doorway in the wall. This doesn't make sense. What kind of giant's trick is this?
"I am giving you a choice." The giant's sudden voice makes James jump. His nerves are as tight as drum.
"You have two choices." She continues. Ugh, giants and their mind games. "You can leave and live on your own and be completely free, or you can live with me and live a grand and comfortable life." James doesn't believe for one second that she is actually letting him go. He steps off of the cardboard and onto the stepping stone. The
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 0 0
Bringing home Logan ch. 1
Headlights blind me until they briefly light up the inside of my car and zoom past me. I open my eyes wide so I stay awake. Logan must have fallen asleep. I haven't felt him move in my pocket for the last few minutes. I don't blame him, I could fall asleep too. I focus on my excitement of coming home to keep me awake. Wales was gorgeous, but man do I miss Jake. It took flying halfway around the world to make me realize that I never want to be away from him ever again.
I hope he didn't get into any trouble while I was gone. I've never left him in charge of the house before. The other borrowers probably didn't notice my absence too much. They probably enjoyed it, actually. They usually go to Jake if they need anything anyway. Only a few are brave and trusting enough to approach me. But I don't blame the others, most of them came to our place because they were discovered or the house they were living in was being fumigated. Those refugees are grateful for the safe place to live, but hate
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 0 0
New Muse
"Saved the best for last!" Eida says excitedly as she pushes a wrapped present towards me across the coffee table. I notice slits cut sloppily in the sides.
"Were you mugged?" I mutter. Eida cocks her head and frowns at me.
"Just open it." She says annoyed. I tear off the paper and the first glance at the familiar box sends a shiver down my spine and flames burn my face. I stop once the box is unwrapped. The hated "CompanionCo" label printed on the sides and glaring unapologetically at me on the lid.
"Eida," I say carefully, "What did you do?"
"Not just me!" She ignores my deadly serious tone, "We all chipped in."
"It was Eida's idea!" Amber points defensively at Eida from across the room. Eida looks back at her appalled.
She scoffs. "Just open it, Senna! See him first before you return him."
"You know how I feel about keeping humans as pets, Eida!"
"He doesn't have to be a pet! He could be a friend to keep you company."
"Now you're just quoting the commercials." I say.
To my surprise,
:iconjanealene:JaneAlene 0 0


Side by side by ullakko Side by side :iconullakko:ullakko 202 5 Waiting Room by dropdreme Waiting Room :icondropdreme:dropdreme 17 7 YCH|Killian Found by mistress0minx YCH|Killian Found :iconmistress0minx:mistress0minx 81 11 Mermaid Sushi by Odettery Mermaid Sushi :iconodettery:Odettery 54 13 Gotcha by TheVestige Gotcha :iconthevestige:TheVestige 111 10
List of G/t Books
As requested, here is a companion list to the List of G/t Movies and List of G/t TV shows. As with the other lists, I would greatly appreciate it if you all would help me to compile books with G/t.
Books are listed alphabetically by author's last name, and then by series where applicable.
Comics are sorted first by publisher, then by series name, and then by volume or issue.

Irwin Allen
Land of the Giants
K. A. Applegate
  The Journey (Animorphs #42)
Isaac Asimov
  Fantastic Voyage
  Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain
Shelby Bach
    Of Giants and Ice (Ever After School #1)
    Of Enemies and Endings (Ever After School #4)
E. D. Baker
    A Question of Magic
    Fairy Wings (#1)
:iconphoenix-firemage:Phoenix-FireMage 12 25
Lavender Fox Softmount by KaypeaCreations Lavender Fox Softmount :iconkaypeacreations:KaypeaCreations 89 5
The Job ~ Part 2
Lee sat at the sitting room table with a tall glass of Shiraz, staring at the closed case. The curiosity had been gnawing at him the entire ride back to his second-floor room, but now that he was alone with the thing, he found himself oddly skittish.
It's six inches tall. What's the worst that could happen?
He gulped at his wine, pulling the case towards him with his other hand. He braced himself as he tugged on the zipper, pulling it open in one careful move. Slowly, he tilted it onto its side.
The tiny figure spilled out in a heap. Lee leaned over it, certain it was dead for one terrible moment.
Without warning, its eyes flew open. It blinked, looking delirious for a second before it locked gazes with Lee, who hung directly overhead.
As the pixie scrambled onto its hands and knees, Lee flinched back in his seat. He didn't have the capacity to do more than observe, struck by how small the little thing looked now that it was bathed in full light with the expanse of the table sur
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 17 7
So Small... by october-ink So Small... :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 15 3 Yard Work Sixteen by DreamtalesComics Yard Work Sixteen :icondreamtalescomics:DreamtalesComics 124 10 Sorrow by Sallyrah Sorrow :iconsallyrah:Sallyrah 38 12 Inch Foot by Fierce-Invalid Inch Foot :iconfierce-invalid:Fierce-Invalid 245 8 Lucy is a nerd by JetSlasher Lucy is a nerd :iconjetslasher:JetSlasher 92 2 Piano Lesson by AquaSixio Piano Lesson :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 11,707 317 Opal's Discovery (Giantess Comic) by AshkiiWolf Opal's Discovery (Giantess Comic) :iconashkiiwolf:AshkiiWolf 190 51 Study by cennie Study :iconcennie:cennie 81 6



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I'm transferring my non G/T artwork to a different account so I can have a professional account and a G/T account. I'll be deleting all the non G/T artwork. My other account is Hdunlop if you want to re-add any to favorites. Sorry for any inconvenience!
I'm transferring my non G/T artwork to a different account so I can have a professional account and a G/T account. I'll be deleting all the non G/T artwork. My other account is Hdunlop if you want to re-add any to favorites. Sorry for any inconvenience!


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